Pet Health Topics: Information

As it is not our intent to try to cover every topic of pet health on our website we can provide links to reputible sources of this information. A library of these topics needs to be updated regularly with current information. Any particular information you find here should be discussed with your veterinarian as to how it may or may not be relevant in your pets case. Any information you find here should not be a substitute for a working relationship with your veterinarian and regular checkups. It can greatly enhance the teamwork between you and your veterinarian when you have the desire to research a topic on your own.

Links and Resources: Information Information for clients from the Veterinary Information Network Information from the American Animal Hospital Association

AVMA brochures for dog owners Information provided by the AVMA

AVMA brochures for cat owners Information provided by the AVMA

MVMA Links and Fact Sheets Information from the Michigan VMA


Internet Pharmacies: Information

Internet and pet store shopping for your companion's health care products

Did you know that when you purchase your companions health care products at the veterinary office you enjoy the following advantages?
1. Quality control
2. Convenience
3. A guarantee on those products
4. A permanent record
5. Reminders sent to assure you know when your companion is due for a visit
6. A professional's input regarding the proper use of the purchased products.

The following examples are real situations encountered at our veterinary hospital.
1. An owner administered 3 vaccines purchased over the counter to their puppy. The puppy came down with Parvo a few months later. The owner was responsible for the entire treatment. If the puppy had received its vaccines at a veterinary hospital, there would have been assistance by the vaccine company with its treatment.
2. Heartworm preventative purchased over the internet has no guarantee (from the manufacturer). If your dog somehow contracted heartworm, the manufacturer will not assist with treatment as they would if their product was purchased at a veterinary hospital.

Our doctors and ourstaff are all committed to providing our client's patients with the best healthcare possible. We do understand economics can play a role in deciding how best to manage your companions needs. We are very willing to work with you in every way possible to assure your companion's care is not compromised! We encourage you to speak candidly with us regarding our services, costs, and policies. I am sure you will find us open, honest, and willing to assist you!


Referral: Specialty Hospitals and Clinics

Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center

Blue Pearl (formerly Michigan Veterinary Specialists)

Oakland Referral Services

Animal Neurology & MRI Center


Animal Ophthalmology Center

Veterinary Dentistry


Companies: Pet Insurance

There are probably a dozen or more companies that offer full health care and major medical plans. Here are a few:

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

Healthypaws Pet Insurance

Pets Health Care Plan

VPI Pet Insurance

Pet Care Insurance

ASPCA Pet Insurance


Companies: Nutrition

There are quite a number of major pet food manufacturers. These links are companies whos products we carry and who make specialized diets for the management of some health conditions.

Hills Pet Nutrition

Iams Pet Nutrition

Royal Canin Diets



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