About Us

All of our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing your companions with the best care possible. We strive to give each pet an individualized plan for health care. Vaccinations, heartworm prevention and general health screens may be tailored to your standards, budget and your pet's age and lifestyle. Young, growing dogs and cats and older ones too probably benefit the most from frequent visits to the veterinarian.

Annual wellness exams or even semiannual health checks are a great way to give your pet the best care, find problems early, and deliver the most effective treatments. Although vaccines are still important, regular exams are at least as important in maintaining your pet's health. Wellness testing is gaining in popularity with many clients. Very much like we get on the human side, laboratory testing may uncover something we otherwise would have not known about. When all the tests are WNL (within normal limits) it gives us a baseline for your pets records if anything should change in the future.

Geriatics or the specialized care of aging pets is an important part of our practice. More than half of the dentistry and a majority of the internal medicine workups done at our clinic are on dogs and cats over 10 years of age. Special diets are available that may help with joint disease, senility, kidney disease, etc.

We frequently have problems to solve that are behavioral issues. From simple housebreaking or other elimination issues in cats to aggression or destructive behavior in dogs. Many other conditions such as anxiety, fear, or dementia and senility are frequently evaluated and treated.


Anesthesia safety and monitoring continue to improve and our protocols and monitoring reflect the newest accepted techniques and equipment. We routinely monitor animals undergoing anesthesia with pulse oximetry, ECG, Blood pressure and respiratory monitoring. Our latest piece of equipment can provide a historical printout of all these measurements.

Cryosurgery using specialized equipment and liquid nitrogen is a recent addition to our abilities. This technique is particularly useful for dogs with multiple benign skin tumors, warts and some eyelid tumors.

We frequently work with area specialists in areas such as cardiology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics or surgical specialists. Many conditions may be candidates for a referral to a board certified specialist for evaluation and treatment. We will offer these options when it is appropriate. Some of the available specialty practices are listed here.

Ultrasound studies are a useful, non-invasive, imaging procedure that may be scheduled at our facility. These studies are performed by an experienced veterinarian who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

We offer the ability to do extensive diagnostic testing, surgical services, dentistry, radiology, as well as complete inpatient hospital care.

Our pharmacy is stocked with all the products and pharmaceuticals for your pets preventive care or therapeutic needs.

Controlling pain and suffering is very important. Pain can impair healing and recovery in many ways. Pain in animals is often difficult to assess as is instinctive for them to hide it from others. Modern analgesic drugs can make a big difference in your pet's recovery and overall quality of life.

Alternative therapies utilizing herbal, accupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, etc. are approaches that also may be offered in selected cases. These are either performed by one of our professional staff who are trained and experienced in this or by a referral to a practitioner who offers this as a specialty.

We are currently accepting new clients. You may download a registration form on this web-site if you wish.

Boarding the Mt Hope pet resort

We do provide boarding services for our registered clients. Animals are housed indoors and dogs are exercised regularly throughout the day. Large outdoor runs are utilized when weather permits and walks in our large, park-like setting are done regularly. All dogs are walked outside between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM before "lights out" for the night. We regularly fill up reservations on holidays. We put a high priority on trying to board our patients who need extra care and supervision such as diabetics or those needing regular medications.

Check in for boarding must be done during regular clinic hours. We are able to arrange pick ups outside of the regular business hours. Saturday or Sunday afternoons at 4:30 PM, Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM are typical arrangements that may be made in advance.

Grooming client benefits

We do provide some grooming services for our registered clients pets. We currently do not have a professional groomer for trims and can refer you to several local establishments for those services. We are able to do baths, brush-outs, dematting, or medically necessitated shave downs. We recommend that you call and make a reservation for these services and plan to drop your pet off in the morning. In most cases you may pick up your pet in the early afternoon or we can call when finished. For dogs our normal bath includes a nail trim, emptying the anal sacs and cleaning the ears.

Special shampoos, treatments, or rinses are available for the treatment of many dermatologic conditions.

Special arrangements for sedation for some types of grooming should be discussed with the doctor prior to your appointment.